Oscar Sandoval For City Council District 2
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On August 13th, Let’s vote to move our district and our city forward!

Fresno is the 5th largest city in California yet we are viewed as an undesirable community to be a part of. This city is already a great place to live; however, we can do so much more. Help me in pushing the policy necessary to create a brighter future for our city.



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P.O. Box 937 Biola, CA 93606


559-907-9305 | oscar@oscarforfresno.com

Priorities As Your Councilman

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With an overall high school graduation rate just over 70%, almost no places for seniors, and a park ranking that has us amongst the worst of the largest 100 cities in the country, it is clear the city is not meeting the needs of our residents. I will work with other officials to address these low numbers with more investments in both the quantity and the quality of our parks, senior centers, and libraries.

Increase accessibility to Mental Health resources

In my work as a special needs therapist, I saw first hand the lack of access persons with mental illnesses and their families are battling. We need to focus on the lack of facilities for those dealing with mental health struggles, lack of funding, and a tearing down of the stigma around mental health.

Strengthen Community/Police relationships

The relationships between police and minority and/or persons of color need to be actively worked on to move our city forward. I will push for the creation of programs that give our children more job skills, foster better perceptions of policing, and recruitment from underserved communities.

create more affordable housing in our market

There is a growing gap in our city between persons that can actually afford housing and the options they have. I will work with local developers and other officials to create housing that allows for more homes to be built without obstructive regulations, are more in line with the needs of the community, and allow for different types of housing options.

Decrease Fresno’s rates of drug usage

We need to address our city’s drug problems through programs that work those affected through their addiction, give them training to learn a craft, address their mental health needs, and create temporary housing options until these persons are ready to rejoin society.


Homes in the blue are in district 2 (Turn screen if using cell phone)

Homes in the blue are in district 2 (Turn screen if using cell phone)



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